Saturday, May 17, 2014


Thank God I got back my PC....Yabada badoo! It's been many moons since then, and I was bored without connecting with my world of colours. And thank you to my Syaf for taking the initiative sending it for repair. It's the best present for Mother's Day!
Also, taking this opportunity to wish every Mom a Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy being a Mother peeps.

A bouquet from my girl

We celebrated Mother's Day at Ole Bali.. after second thoughts. Initially Jibby's n Co was our 1st choice.. It's a new Cafe in Empire Subang.  Subhanallah! Was crowded and not willing to be in the long queue. Wah! Malaysians sekarang celebrate with food!..dah jadi custom to us all.
We ordered what we used to have. There, the food is very tasty *berasa* maybe a little pricey but your palate will be grateful...kenyang Alhamdullillah!

Sharing our proud moment..*Our daughter's graduation day*
The  graduation was held on the 27th of April. It was one of the proudest occasion I have had. My baby girl graduated with a scroll in her hand. The mixed emotions I was having...happiness and tears of joy. The baby that wasn't hard to raise. Being the only girl but not spoil. Time has past so quickIy that I sometime did not realize  that she's all grown  up. Until I noticed my shoes, my bags and what not were missing. The one that used to curled up on my bed begging to sleep with us.. Papa always gave in, melted to her whining. The one that kept me company where ever I went. The one that sometimes helped me in the kitchen and sometimes boiled my anger, when she purposely forgot that she is my assistant. I shall miss all that about you. I know you are not able to be at my side 24/7 as you are now busy working...*a career woman*  But one thing I am now glad, I don't have to give in or share whatever I wish, without you bugging me and feeling are independent and making a life of yourself...hehe..yeah!
But of course, we will support you all the way like both your siblings.. insyaallah.

Happy Birthday April Baby..

Happy Birthday our dear Syaz!!

Oops.. I have stop counting the numbers of candles on yr bday cake (I guess u know why)
U light up our lives and always there for us. We hope that Allah provide you the strenght to be a good Muslim. Enjoy life with all it's colors thru thick and thin. Wishing u all the best now and hereafter.. love you.

My kids never had enough with my Chocolate Cake. Below was for my doter's Birthday during last March.
They could not think of other cake but this Devil Food Choc Cake,

Nephew's wedding at Sungai Buloh..
3rd May

With sister, Bro in law and cousin

With Sister Leeza

My gift to the Newly Wed.

Water rationing..

Ingat lagi catuan air in Klang Valley? I had been cooking almost everyday during the water shortage. ..feeling of unsafe with the cleanliness of outside food...eee, imagine tangan si tukang masak tak basuh and sayur yang tak rendam betul. I wouldn't mind keeping extra buckets of water for cooking and washing. Itu yang stress, cooking consume lots of water. And had to spare few more buckets for the family and some for plants. Once the water runs down your pipe, lupa segala penat lelah. Kena lah bersyukur dengan nikmat yang di beri oleh Allah.
Recite Surah Al Mulk.. the last ayat .
Say, "Have you considered: if your water was to become sunken (into the earth),
then who could bring  you flowing water?"
So let us all be a good earthlings.. conserve water, making good practice in our every day life.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need,
but not every man's greed
-Mahatma Gandhi-

Now, lets share some menus I had cooked.  

Light and easy
Footlong Sausage
Eating clean diet

Prawn Mee for my doter for her Open Fast.

Below, when Mum got carried away..

These spread are when everyone were in the house.

Alhamdullillah, kepuasan to the maximum, when I got to post this entry after almost 3 months.
Will keep it up... Adios and have a production weekend.


  1. Your daughter is SO PRETTY!! Congratulations!

  2. Hi Muna..
    Masyaallah! thank you.

  3. Salam sis Iha,

    sekian lamanya tidak diserikan oleh gambaran hidup sis Iha yang bewarnawarni penuh dengan agendanya yang bikin Ratna rindu sesungguhnya...
    Sejambak Tahniah berupa kejayaan untuknya Fifa yang cantik jelita babygirl kesayangan sis Iha dihari graduation bagi meraih kejayaan nan cemerlang, Alhamdulillah...
    Begitu juga, Joyeux Anniversaire untuk Syaz semoga segalanya didalam kesejahteraan.

    Adore dengan intisari blog-nya sis Iha yang penuh dengan aneka juadah yang menambat selera dan adore terhadap manisan hadiah buat pengantin itu, cantik lagi menarik hiasannya...
    Salam mesra semanis madu.

    p/s, adore cara dandanan & penampilan sis Iha yang senantiasa tampak "graceful & elegant" teserlah keanggunan nan tulen...

  4. Sis dear....looks like we take along time to update our blog kan...semenjak berinstagram ni kan.
    Anyway...congrats to all the good things you have in life!

  5. Ratna penuh..
    Memang benar rasa kosong dengan tidak memegang computer. Berkongsi kehidupan yg penuh warna dan agenda. Terima kaseh Aunti Ratna kerana mengucap tahniah kepada kedua anakanda.
    Memasukan gambaran masakan supaya memberi idea kepada pengunjung keblog ini sekadar berkongsi.
    Mashaallah, terima kasih kerana memuji keagunan yg tak seberapa pun.

  6. Leeza..
    I hope I can update more in this blog. Instagram pun buat juga.
    Thank you for the best wishes.

  7. Many congratulations to your children; graduation and birthday both. Food all looks yummy as always, and you and your sis look lovely together! My best wishes to you both and families in this blessed month of Syaaban and Ramadan which is round the corner!

  8. Thank you Rosa..
    Yes, the month of Ramadhan is here. May We have the best of health to do the good deeds during this month..insyallah.

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